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Antivirus Pro - Business Edition


Small Business Security Suite

  Proven anti-malware protection for your data
  Real-time cloud updates with latest threat intelligence
  Complete protection from web-based threats
  Secure online transactions & payments
  Fast scanning and high resource efficiency
  Powerful anti-malware protection for your server data  
  Real-time updates for protection against zero-day attacks  
  Easily scalable security which grows with your business  
  No discernable impact on system performance  
  Advanced protection from mail-borne threats    
  Scans email attachments for malicious content    
  Dynamic black and whitelisting functionalities    
  Blocks URLs in emails with links to phishing websites    

Need stand-alone file server security?

Combining top-notch detection, intuitive use and no discernable performance loss, Avira Server Security is an ideal solution for small businesses who store sensitive information, such as intellectual property, on their file servers.

Need stand-alone e-mail security?

Avira Managed Email Security offers a proprietary cloud-based solution, which delivers outstanding protection from mail-borne threats and prevents spam from flooding your mailbox.

No maintenance costs

Lighter server load